Metalworking machines from «Mehanit»

Company "Mehanit" provides comprehensive solutions for imported metalworking product and services for its integration in the production facilities in Russia.

Our activities are guided by the following principles:

  • delivery of high-quality, modern product in accordance with international standards machine tool;
  • low, competitive price;
  • providing a full list of related services, from product selection, development of technology, control programs, the selection tool to advice on selection of consumables;
  • expertise and service support product throughout the life cycle.

We offer new, ergonomic tools, manufactured from advanced technology machine tools:

  • machine tools;
  • CNC machining centers;;
  • CNC lathes.

We supply metal processing product can address the full range your tasks with the use of multi-processing centers.

Company "Mehanit" provides comprehensive solutions for the product in any city of Russia. Our clients are companies from the central part of Russia to the Kemerovo region. Delivery of the product is carried on DDP directly to the enterprise customer.

Our company distinguishes professionalism, level of technical competence and openness of our employees. Turning to us, you can always count on a specific and clear answer to our experts. We are a friendly company to solve your production problems.

Selection of product for the parameters
Video of CNC router
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